Friday, February 25, 2011

Mariner - Flash Fiction

     I loved water, even as a child. The sounds of the sea, a burbling brook, rain puddles, even the dew on the grass which revealed the stealthy comings and goings of rabbits and voles. I have looked forward to this all of my life.
     The wind is humming outside and a gentle rain is falling. I lie half asleep, gently rocking on the water. How utterly soothing it feels, hearkening back to the cradle or even the womb, I suppose. I slip into sleep.
     I awaken to find that the wind is now howling outside, the falling raindrops sound like spent bullets, and I am soaked through. Oddly enough, there are no more waves. Bailing out the water around me seems an impossible task; I have never felt quite so angry, or so helpless.
     There had better be a damned good warranty on this waterbed.


  1. LOL, I forgot they still made those :) Have dry, great weekend!
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. Love your ability to describe. Look! I'm following you, too!

  3. @Jules - I slept on one at a bed & breakfast once. Well, tried to sleep. couldn't get used to the sloshing noise:)

    @Ian - I also slept on an air mattress when we were renovating. It had a slow leak, and I woke up with my butt on the floor.

    @Alleged - Welcome! and thanks.