Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Immortal - Poetry

Beware! They say; for whatever
follows the sometimes hesitant press
of a particular plastic key
can never be undone, recalled or erased.

It takes up permanent residence,
caught in a sticky, man-made web
alongside struggling butterflies,
empty shells, and other remains.

But drops of dew are also found
creating prisms, capturing sun.
If mistakes are solidified forever,
then so are the marvels which we find.

I will never have the pleasure
of looking upon you; never touch you
with my hands. But I write for you;
and, unwittingly, make you immortal.


  1. I didn't know you were a Poet. I like it. I also liked the 60 words in 89 seconds. Can you type that fast? I can't. Thanks for continuing to visit my sites. Sorry I haven't been around much. I've been busy. I now have six sites and I'm trying to write at writing .com. I also now have bothered on Twitter. I think I'm over-extended. Thanks again. Take care.

  2. This is beautiful. Tthank you so much.

  3. @Bothered: Twitter should be a fertile ground for you, as there is a large community of equally bothered individuals. (A friend of mine once referred to it as "Bitter".) Thank you for the compliment, but wouldn't consider myself a poet as yet, just a wannabe. I'll have a look at your blog again, I don't remember seeing a link to writing.com but I'd be interested.

  4. Thank you Teresa. It was sort of written "off the cuff" this morning. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but I'm always glad if a reader takes something away with them.

  5. Love it - and wow. It was written off the cuff? I'm impressed!

  6. love the poem and thanks for the follo

  7. Very cool poem. Once a upon a time I wrote a lot of poetry. Hmm...me thinks your post might lure me back in that direction. So, thank you!

  8. I like it a lot.
    Great choice of words, it really "flows" (bad word) and the last stanza rounds it up neatly.

  9. @Yvonne,thank you as always.
    @David, nice to meet you!
    @Talli, I'm impressed that you're impressed!:)
    @E.C. Give it a try. I haven't written much poetry since High School, and I hated it then, but I'm starting to like it now!

    @Nahno, thank you! And, BTW, thanks for the 60 X 60 blogfest, it was fun. What's wrong with "flows"?