Monday, April 4, 2011

Catatonia - Flash Fiction - A to Z Challenge

Please don't leave me, whoever you are. Your touch is the only thing holding me now in this, one of two worlds.

I cannot make sense of the sounds I hear; whirring and shuffling, whispers and echoes. They come from all sides of me, even above and below. Do they move, or is it me? I cannot tell. I think that I should speak, must speak, but it seems that I have forgotten how. Maybe I have never known. But I hear you speak to me; if only I could answer.

I know the dark from light; but the dark to which I refer is not the blackness of that other world which draws me from time to time. When it is light, I sense a glow somewhere outside of me; when it is dark, the glow is gone, but I am still here; when the blackness takes me, there is Nothing. I know it is Nothing simply because I leave it for Something. Which is here. Which is you.

The blackness is heavy, warm, comforting. It blots out everything else, and seduces me with its promise of forgetfulness. For I have become aware of pain, coursing through me in regular waves. I try and will it away, but it cleverly sneaks about my body, a nip here, a bite there; it sits on my chest and licks its paw, heavy and ominous in its prophecy.

Your hand cups my face and you sing, your voice low and just by my ear.

I know that song!

So, it is you, my love.
Please don't leave me.

(I broke my own rule; I wrote this last week to post before the challenge, discarded it, rewrote it, tweaked it, got an opinion and decided to use it today.)


  1. Beautifully written! What else can I say, Beautiful :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. I'm glad that you broke the rule! Very poignant. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. well it is touching - gee. Wish I'd written some in advance as d and e are possible headaches; actually I thought of a good idea for e in the middle of the night and have forgotten, frustratingly - keep up the good stuff.

  4. Awesome. I'm adding the term Flash Fiction to my vocabulary. I guess what I'm doing for my A to Z Challenge might be termed Flash Fiction in Slow Motion.

    I like your writing style.


  5. Don't beat yourself up. It was rough at one point, you unroughed it, and now we get to read it in freshunroughedness. : )

  6. Thanks everyone! I normally try to reply to comments on my posts, but with the A to Z going on it's all I can do to visit YOUR blogs and comment! But, I do appreciate each and every word and that you took the time to read and leave your thoughts.

  7. Li, I really love the way you write. Every time I read it, I feel like a fish who has been hooked and caught and pulled toward the unknown end. I love it. You're very talented! :)

  8. Great piece Li - glad you decided to post it!

  9. Beautifully written,

    Thanks for your visit and comment.

  10. always. So glad you decided to pull it out and post it. Wonderfully done.

  11. Heyo... just going to quote this and leave a link to it like always... :)