Friday, April 8, 2011

German Children; the Kindness of Strangers - Photo A to Z Challenge

As a British troop train slows to a halt somewhere in Germany, children hold out their hands.

I was going to fashion a story around this, but chose to let the image and the few facts known speak for themselves.
The photo was taken by a British soldier, somewhere in Germany after WW2, probably 1946. The soldiers were throwing candy, cigarettes, and what food they had out of the windows. (The cigarettes, of course, were highly valued as trading items on the black market.)
A reminder that children are the innocent casualties of war everywhere, and that it is up to us as individuals to do our best to counteract the brutality of this world with whatever small acts of kindness we can muster.
Do an act of kindness today for someone.


  1. It's always the innocent who seem to suffer the most, isn't it? So sad. Yes, we could all do well to remember when to give a helping hand, no matter how small it may be.

  2. nice post Li. I guess a pic can tell a thousand words...

  3. I agree :) If everyone does a little bit, there can be a huge resulting difference.

  4. The struggles, sacrifices and courage of that war still amaze me and the photo does speak for its self.

    Wonderful post Li and I will do my best! :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  5. I agree Li, the picture does speak for itself. Your added words just remind us how important kindness is. Even the impatient person in line at the grocery store may be suffering inside and needs our kindness and compassion. Thank you Li, every one of your posts gets me thinking.

  6. Wonderful post on a great blog. I'm dropping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.

  7. Wonderful post!

    Even the small things can mean a lot.

  8. Beautiful photo; thanks for sharing the story of these children.

  9. This post tugs at my heartstrings.

    I chose as my Lenten discipline to, instead of giving up something, to take on a challenge. I challenged myself with doing one genuine, selfless, secret act of kindness each day.


  10. Chilling photo! Not because of the snow.

    Gregg Metcalf
    Colossians 1:28-29

    Gospel-driven Disciples

  11. Sometimes we forget how hard war can be on the innocents.

    Good post!


  12. Yes, the children of the world should be cherished and nurtured, but unfortunately there are too many times when they suffer. Poignant post.

  13. What a brutal time to live through. We always need to take care of each other and practice kindness.
    A very good reminder of how blessed we are.