Monday, April 18, 2011

OVATION! - Flash Fiction

Hi, fellow bloggers! Today's post might sound sort of breathless and over-the-top, but that's how I feel! In a few hours, my favorite show of all time (and yours, I hope) will air its final broadcast, and I am so excited!

First, a recap. And I am going to refer to the contestants as Al, Bo, Chuck, Joe, etc. because when I make snarky comments using their real names, I get lots of hate mail. So anyway, “Ovation” is a sort of a combination of Big Brother, the Real World, and all of those talent shows for singers and dancers, with a little rehab thrown in for good measure. They all have to live together in a house and try to get along with each other, and every week they have a new challenge. Sometimes it's intellectual like giving a report or speech, sometimes it's a beauty makeover, sometimes they have to memorize some stuff in a foreign language, or learn a new talent like juggling or magic tricks.

There were 30 wannabes to begin with, but in the first show 2 were arrested for bringing home underage girls (I guess they forgot about the cameras being on all the time?) and one lady was fined for using a stage light to go out poaching moose at night.

Some memorable highlights: the guy who threw up on one of the judges (stage fright?), Jeff dropping the “f” bomb live not once, but twice, Joe lying on every single question (including his name) on the lie detector segment and getting away with it because he claimed he took too much SuperSuda which made him sweat and his heart race. (He got voted off later but has a new gig on the rehab show for pathological liars, Truth Or Dare.) Oh, and the guy who was found to have numerous wives (he said it was OK, he could support them, and that it would be selfish to confine his spectacular attributes to just one woman).

I totally liked the show where they had to say what one thing was ruining the world and how they would fix it. Al said he would pick just one country and put all the poor people there because they're lazy and a drag on society. Bo said ditto for old and sick people. Both plans would save us lots of money, solve the health care mess, and we wouldn't have to look at them and feel bad. Chuck (who won both the magic and juggling contests!) said he can make all of our economic problems go away by utilizing those very same talents. Don thinks we should get moving on the plan to bury all of our garbage and nuclear waste on the moon, and then build a giant dome over the earth so it doesn't fall back down on us. The dome would also allow us to control the climate better and keep aliens out. (But who cleans it when said aliens splat against it like bugs on a windshield, that's what I'd like to know.)

So anyway, I just wanted to remind you to make sure that you tune in tonight, and have your 2 way cameras and ApplauseMeters hooked up, 'cause even if you haven't been watching, your vote (via Google) counts toward our next World Leader.

Join the Sensation, watch OVATION! Tonight (April 1, 2030) at 9:00PM World Standard Time


  1. I have never watched this show! Let me Google it :P

  2. I must admit I have not watched this show but if I can get it here I will certgainly do so.


  3. Wonderful story, critical and ironic. I love your style.

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  5. My ApplauseMeter has been on the fritz ever since Evan tried hacking the system back in Episode 8, but I'll definitely be tuning in tonight. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

    Vote Chuck!

  6. My Newly Patented 3 Way Camera/Applause-O-Matic Two-In-One is fired up. It plays the Ovation theme song and the TOP TEN HITS of those who were kicked off in the first three episodes OF EACH SEASON!!

    I'm working on Jiggly-Motion attributes, but that will have to wait for another time.

  7. Have never heard of this show.

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  8. I have never heard of it. But it certainly seems to have left you breathless.