Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rough and Tumble - Photo

One of my favorite photos, taken at the Rough and Tumble museum last summer. The Rough and Tumble showcases antique steam machinery, farm equipment and gasoline engines. Every August they have a Thresherman's Reunion, which draws exhibitors and visitors from far and wide. My favorites were the giant operating steam shovel, and the building which houses some large machinery including a Cooper engine (the crankcase alone is 30,000 lbs.) as well as this cute bubble machine run by a small hit-and-miss engine.

I've always been fascinated by machinery (my favorite scene in Titanic was when they showed the engine room), and it's even more intriguing to park one's car at a satellite lot and be taken to the site by horse-drawn wagon. And while it's true that some of the Amish avoid mixing with the 'English', they attend this event because they still rely on steam engines and gasoline engines for many things to avoid being on the power grid. (As a courtesy, you'll notice that I took care to photograph them with backs turned.)

Unfortunately, I had neglected to charge my camera that day so I only got 2 pictures before it quit. Hopefully, I'll get some more this August.


  1. Really? Machines scare me! I think it is the noice they make and my fear of losing a limb to them :)

  2. Steampunk! I love that stuff.

  3. Most interesting - and hot and smelly, too. I love the photo of the Amish.

  4. Is the first photo of a bubble machine?

  5. @ Alex - Yep, it's a bubble machine some guy built for the event. Everyone should have one!

    @Corinna - I've just discovered steampunk - something which I've always been into, I just didn't know that there was a name, and other people, into it! Amm considering trying to write some steampunk flash down the road.

    @jabblog - the horse poop didn't smell to alluring, but I like the smell of coal smoke, gasoline, hydraulic fluid and hot metal.

    @Siv - I can see where it would be intimidating, but I like the thump and whump of machinery that I can feel through my body. (I also have a strange penchant for fire trucks). :))

  6. I thought I was a wacko for loving the replicated engine room of the Titanic. That portion of the movie alone guaranteed Oscar success in my book. Kindreds, you and I!