Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Have Sent You A Picture - Flash Fiction

(If you haven't read part one, go here .)

The Seeds That Are Sown:  2

My Little Lost Lamb,

You threw my flowers away. At first I was hurt, and angry - very angry.  But then I realized my mistake. You couldn't possibly keep them, could you?  After all, you are married, and things would not go well with you, getting flowers from a secret admirer. There would be a scene, no doubt. Shouting. Accusations. Who knows, he might even strike you. He looks like the type.

Pain can be beautiful but only when dealt by loving hands.

He does not love you. I have sent you a picture; do you see the woman he is smiling at? She is a co-worker, but they are also having an affair. You didn't know that, did you? He'll deny it, of course, if you ask. They are just "friends". And so, who will you believe?

I saw you block me, and then unblock me yesterday. You could not make up your mind what to do. Perhaps you realize that I only have your best interests at heart, and that there is a chance we belong together. Or maybe you are stupid enough to try and trace me? There are many other ways to communicate, of course. I will show you.

I have so many things to show you.

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  1. twisty twiney. Impossible to know who to root for, which is, I think, a good thing. Maybe they deserve each other?

    marc nash

  2. yeah, someone watching her like that is a little creepy. Even if he is write about her hubby having a affair.

  3. I'm glad it's fiction, and not the way your mind really works! Pretty convoluted and also very intricate for a flash fiction! Hopefully you will enter that some where.

  4. @marc - all will become clear, eventually. I hope.

    @sonia - ah, but is he?

    @Ian - don't worry, it is fiction :) I'm the least scary person I know. Unfortunately, I can't enter it anywhere because it seems that no one accepts previously published material (which includes online and blogs). But, at least I'm getting good feedback and honing my skills, so no great loss!

  5. Wow. Creepy piece--but intriguing.

  6. you really are into it... and i am impressed on how you are doing...


  7. I enjoyed this albiet creepy. Very cleverly written.

    Have a lovely day.

  8. OMGosh. This is an entire story bursting at the seams to get out.
    Very nice!
    (visiting from Alex's House)

  9. I'm definitely creeped out. I expect to see a shovel beside the guy as he's writing this.

  10. Okay, it's getting a bit wicked. Good stuff.

    Tossing It Out

  11. Nice stalker horror; and so it builds. More, Li..I want more.

  12. This part freaked me out and now I have my pistol on my desk. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

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  14. This is just too REAL!
    They make movies out of this stuff (lol) to part 3!