Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Will Always Bring You Flowers - Pt 6 - Flash Fiction

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The Seeds That Are Sown:  6

My lovely Leia,

I would give everything to place this letter in your hand and to undo the damage I have wrought. Instead I will burn it; the smoke and ashes containing the words, albeit changed, will rise and mingle with the atmosphere, rain down upon the fertile earth, and join you in the eternal cycle of life's renewal.

I am a coward and a killer. They are usually one and the same, are they not?  I should have had the strength to talk to you first, to make you understand that I was the one who could make you happy, who would have been loyal and committed to you even though I could not give you the shiny baubles upon which you built your sense of self worth. Instead I chose to hover in the shadows, paying out the rope that would guide you out of the labyrinthe and into my arms.

But we were both far too lost.

I am in agony, and I cannot live my life impaled on the knife of regret. I hope I can find it within me to carry out the final act.

And whether they are blossoms or words, thoughts or dreams, I will always bring you flowers.

This I promise.

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  1. Tsk - wait for it, Alex! The next installment will be the conclusion. Probably for Friday Flash. And there might be a hint of gore :))

  2. Nicely done: "impaled on the knife of regret" -- wow...

  3. Enjoying this... Always waiting for the next....


  4. I see this "series" as a sort of epic poem, with that aura of mystery and "romance." Nice lines, but I don't see this ending well for either.

  5. Li, it's late for me and I'm off to bed, but I'm so intrigued by this that I'll be back to read the previous ones and then add a suitable comment. ;-)

  6. Well done, Li. This is an intriguing and suspensful passage, and I cannot wait for the ending.

  7. it's so romantic....

    my wife also happy if i bring flower to her

  8. WoW!
    "I am in agony, and I cannot live my life impaled on the knife of regret." These words are so profound. Definitely sounds like he's going to kill himself. Real sicko!

    Dare I read part7?

  9. My reader is screwed up so I'm very glad I just clicked over. This is a great series Li and since you told Alex to wait, I will too. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  10. I keep thinking, what would I do if I were getting these letters? I mean, you are telling a really good story. Yes, I wonder just what he is about to do!?!?!?!?! Geez! Geez, as in, Geez - wow, Great!

    Please, keep writing!
    Nameless (Serial)
    Kwee Writings