Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sunday Snapshots - WW2 Newspaper Clippings, UK

From my archives. Not the best resolution, but fairly readable.

A house in Croydon, UK which took a direct hit from a V-1.

Diagram of a V-1 (buzz bomb or doodlebug). Daily Mirror, June June 21, 1944. Price - one penny.

How to make do.
Chocolate has always been important for morale.

Couldn't resist;   Canadian and British soldiers cooling off at a rest camp.
The article below encourages women to go ahead and kiss lots of men - it's bad for their nerves and morale to sit at home pining for the man who's away.  (Daily Mirror, Aug 7 1944)

More terrible news. (Daily Express, May 25 1945)


  1. Did they tell the men to kiss a lot of girls as well? Only fair.

  2. @Alex - it's probably safe to assume that most men have never needed that sort of encouragement. ;)

  3. these are cool - I don't quite remember it fortunately, Lisa

  4. @David - unfortunately, the newspapers are crumbling and in terrible shape. I intend to try and scan most of the interesting articles since it won't be long until they turn to dust.

  5. Love these! I think historical pictures and articles are great. The saddest, though, I have to admit, is the shortage of beer. What a cruel world when the beer has run out!

  6. I was born not far from Croydon, RedHill to be exact. I can vaguely remember ration books though I was born in the last year of the war they continued for a few years after,
    Thanks for the memories.

  7. Hey Li: yes, lots of smooching for morale. I offer not only my support but...dare I say it?...volunteer to help in the effort!!

  8. Another thing we have in common, WWII memorabilia. You ought to see my grandmother's cookbook from back then. I don't know how they ate that stuff with no beer? :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  9. I'm not too sure about the mock crab. Those ingredients just don't sound like anything that would amount to something that would taste like crab. Crap maybe, but not crab.

    Tossing It Out

  10. What a fun post! I love historical documents, especially old ads like that. The kissing article was interesting. But, if it's for morale... :-)

  11. Love the "Beer Short" ad. Funny to imagine such a thing happening today, and what the public's reaction would be...

  12. How come we don't have morale boosting like that nowadays? People offering free hugs is just not the same is it.