Thursday, August 11, 2011

Help Out A Victim Of the London Riots - Personal Post

Hi all -
I have never done this, but I found this story touching. It's just one of hundreds, maybe even thousands of stories about people who suffered losses in the riots. Many are apparently uninsured, and there seems to be some debate about about whether they will be compensated. Since I live in the US, I can't weigh in on that.

Aaron Biber is an 89 year old widower who lives in Tottenham, UK. He lost his wife last year, and now his shop has been wrecked in the riots. If you can't donate, maybe you could please tweet the link, link the post, or go to the Keep Aaron Cutting blog and leave a message of support? It'll just take a minute.

Thanks for visiting, reading, and any support you can give :-))

The link to the blog where you can read about Aaron and/or donate is here


  1. The riots have shaken everyone and I hope that common sense will now prevail. Communities are rallying and showing that the majority of UK citizens are decent, compassionate, law-abiding people.

  2. That is just awful! I'll go Tweet it right now.

  3. Hard to believe what's going on over there. Thanks for making us aware of Aaron's plight.

  4. Thanks, you guys rock. Lots of donations rolling in on Aaron's site. Anything in excess of his needs will go to the Tottenham community to help recovery efforts. Social media has been blamed for exacerbating the riots; we can join together and show that it can also be used for the good of the community and the world, one tweet and one blog post at a time. :-)))