Monday, April 30, 2012

Compendium: 2012 A to Z Challenge

I came through the challenge OK. Don't worry about the banged up knee - that was from my bike.

Although I initially set myself the goal of writing 26 flash fiction stories for the A to Z, I included a few poems and non-fiction pieces as well. For those who are first-time visitors, or returning to check out earlier posts, I've grouped them and included a few descriptives so that you may choose what interests you.

Flash Fiction

Alpha  - fictional memoir, Vietnam
"Come At Once." - fantasy, ghost story, Titanic
Foreigners  - sci-fi, humor
Hand Of Anarchy - strange medicine
Invisible - drama, YA
Just Enough - original modern fairy tale
Lengths To Which We Will Go - strange medicine
No - drama, relationships, slice of life
Pastville, USA - utopia, future, Alzheimers
Signposts - drama, slice of life
Voices Of Friends - historical fiction, WW2


Eternally On Fire - a fire has been burning under Centralia since the 60s. (Mining disasters, abandoned towns)
It Was A Very Goodyear - the Goodyear blimp has a near disaster. (Airships, memoir)
Operation Deadlight and U-776 - the only Uboat to ever sail up the Thames. (Submarines, WW2)
Xenomancy - divining the future by the first stranger you meet. (ancient divination, fortune telling)
Justin Yeager: Name Your Poison - a student studies poison frogs, teaches conservation, and will tattoo your name on his body - for the right donation. (strawberry poison frogs, research,, amphibians, interview)



Unused, Unwanted - some strange want ads to use as prompts
Wordplay - some fun with a single word

I confess that I'm so backed up with work, I won't be doing a reflection post this year. It was challenging, fun, frustrating and rewarding. I followed new people and gained some new readers. And I might even do it again next year! Thank you Stu Nager at Talespinning for feedback and constant support. (His A to Z was a complete series which takes place in an apartment building. Give it a look!) Many thanks to the hosts for making it all possible and tirelessly reading, commenting, and supporting as well as writing their own posts.Also thank you to the Writer Warriors at Triberr for faithfully tweeting out my posts as well as to those of you who commented, tweeted, google plussed, stumbled, etc. You rock! I'll leave you with a few pics from this year's A to Z posts.

from the nonfiction entry "Justin Yeager: Name Your Poison"

from the flash fiction "Come At Once"

from the misc. entry "K is for..."

from the flash "Foreigners"

from the nonfiction entry "Eternally On Fire"

from the flash fiction piece "Alpha"

All photos are credited to outside sources, where applicable, in the original post. All others are the property of the author, as is the content of this blog.Thanks for visiting and reading!


  1. It's my pleasure to support you. Thanks for the SO. We need a rest!!! ;)

  2. I just like the word "compendium."

    (Oh yeah, and your writing's pretty good, too. Congrats on making it through the challenge (relatively) unscathed!)

  3. Hi Li. Thanks for reposting for RFWer's A-Z challenge repost. I like the idea of having easy access to this link so I can go and read the posts of yours that I missed out on. I know I visited you at times, but not as often as I would have liked. I'm off to choose one of your stories that I haven't previously read now.

    It'll be hard for you to know who's visited as most people will probably just hit one of your links and fire away there.

    Thanks for supporting this blogfest.


  4. Dear Li,
    Great idea...I like what you did here. Congrats on finishing the race (smile).

  5. Oh wow, you were busy during April Li. I remember stopping by a couple times, but don't know if I commented. I love your writings. Always something unique and interesting.


  6. Hi Li,

    I'm late getting around this RFW challenge. This was a great re-post - very clever! ;)


  7. Congratulations on making it to the end. This one was too much good writing to take in during the course of one month. Hope to digest bits of what happened in the coming months.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out