Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Doors - A to Z Challenge

door - a swinging sliding or swiveling barrier that
closes the entrance to a room or building 

doorway - the entrance (the space in a wall)
through which you arrive (or leave)

but what is it then, if I cannot find
a way to enter or exit, 

and it won't lead anyone anywhere
any more

is it still a door?

Photo copyright L Vooght 2012. Taken at 30th Street Station, Philadelphia
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  1. I love this poem. Especially the rhetorical question as an ending. Great job.

    Here's my 'D' post

  2. Bruce Bruce Bruce and Bruce are thinking they should now enter the name Vooght to the Philosophers Song. ;)

    Fun free form poem, Li.

  3. Enjoyed this. Reminded me of a scene from Midnight in Paris. I talk about elevator doors in my E post.

  4. Doors is an intriguing piece, thought provoking. And I really appreciate your short fiction response on yesterdays post. Seafaring adventures are my favorite, and you have done a fantastic job with it. Your research skills are impeccable.

  5. Doors, this word always reminds me of the musical group of Jim Morrison.

  6. Lovely, Lisa--indeed, if there's no entry or exit, if it doesn't lead anywhere (anymore--love *that*), is it still a door? What once was definable and easily identified has now become a contradiction. Great stuff!

  7. Love the poem! I think that the entry/exit question is related to whether it's still a door if no one uses it.


  8. Great poem and a really great question. Boy-- I'll have to ponder that one for a few minutes :) LOL.

    Cheers, Jenn

  9. just another barrier impeding your progress....smiles...good to see you...been a while

  10. Thanks again for all of the comments! during the A to Z, I'm visiting your blogs and not replying individually (saves time). Hope no feathers are ruffled! Yes Brian, it has been a while. The past few weeks have been really hectic, and I didn't have much time to either write or comment :-) Good to see you my friend.

  11. Lovely poem. Makes you think. Scratch that--it makes you WANT to think. Some poems are too pretentious when they try to be thought-provoking. This one is simple, imaginative. It sits with you. I love it.


  12. Very pretty poem. Thanks for posting.

  13. Is it still a door? Yes, if you think it is. Some deep philosophy here..

    Look forward to your E, Li. You will have inspired mine--I'm writing a story set in an elevator, based on your prompt.

    --Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z