Thursday, August 15, 2013

"Red, White and Blue Makes Purple" Blogfest

 News flash from Melanie Schulz:

"Okay! Here it is. I will be hosting a blogfest/contest on September 2, 2013. Why so much time? For you to write a fabulous story of course! All the stories entered will be compiled into an anthology ebook that will be available on Kindle - all proceeds to go to Operation Purple, a great organization that sends children of our military to summer camp, free of charge.  And if that's not incentive enough, this is also a contest. One randomly chosen entry will win a $50.00 amazon gift card, as well as a signed copy of my book, The Newstead Project."

A very cool project for a great cause. Linky and instructions HERE.
Write a military themed story, 500 words or less. Blog about it, post the story on Sept.2.
Visit others and comment. That's it! If you've been waiting for a kick in the butt to get're welcome.

(Obviously I've been waiting, as I haven't written in weeks. Been kinda busy with family and vacation.) See you soon!

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  1. Hi Li. Well, military. Hmm. I thought, no, but then remembered I've toyed with some Afghanistan stories one A-Z. May just sign up.

    I know you've been having a vacation, but did you see I've started a new monthly bloghop to replace RFW? Taken away the required romantic element, and added heaps of other opportunities -- photos, playscripts, art...Would you be interested? Our first theme is VACATION funnily enough. Perhaps you have a non-fiction vacation story...or something? I know you were a bit put off by the romantic element before. WEP goes live next week on August 21, but taking sign ups now. New link: