Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cool Stuff - Sites You Might Like

Just a quick post with a few nifty sites to check out.

First off is Literature Map. Type in an author, and a cloud of other names will appear, based on similarities or what other readers of your fave author are reading. A fun tool to discover your next book.

Next is NPR's First Listen. Check out music before it hits stores, from popular genres to soundtracks to world music.

Then there's Curious. It's a site dedicated to instructional videos. Learn drawing, ballroom dancing, cooking, or DIY jobs like installing countertops. Best of all, you can upload your own teaching videos - and choose to be paid if you wish.

The last is a bit frivolous. I always wondered how people created certain symbols or artwork on Twitter. I haven't mastered the alt codes but you can find them at Andrea Kalli's Wordpress Blog. Best of can also just copy and paste the symbols.

Hope you have fun with these!


  1. Will have to check out the codes for Twitter.

  2. Nice round-up, Lisa! I love NPR's First Listen program. They do some splendid work. I've never seen Curious before, though. Clicking through now.

  3. Neat sites. Thanks for sharing them :D