Thursday, March 10, 2016

Quick Update #AtoZChallenge

      I've signed up for this year's A to Z challenge but managed to miss every deadline so far. Instead of a theme this year, I'll be doing random entries ranging from flash fiction to non-fiction to "slightly fictionalized memoirs".
      My blog has been languishing due to a. time constaints   b. laziness  c. shortened attention span  d. the dog ate my laptop  (pick any two).
      Hopefully the challenge will help me to re-focus on writing. If not, well...I'm contemplating fencing lessons this summer.  There are sure to be some good stories generated after placing a weapon (of sorts) in my hand.
      What about you? What's new, how's the writing scene going for you, are you signed up for A to Z, any interesting plans for the summer?


  1. Glad you're doing the Challenge! We've missed you here, Lisa. Tell the dog to cough up your laptop.

    1. Thank you Alex! I suspect the dog now has his own blog.