Friday, April 15, 2016

M Is For Museum Of Endangered Sounds #AtoZChallenge

Photo of Tamagotchi courtesy Tomasz Sienicki

How many of you can recall the unique sounds of a dot matrix printer, a Tamagotchi, or the mother-of-all-earworms, the Tetris tune?

As technology changes and advances, the sounds of an age slowly disappear. Fortunately a fellow by the name of Brendan Chilcutt has set to work preserving some of those sounds from the not-so-distant past in the Museum Of Endangered Sounds (SaveTheSounds) 

Stop by and listen to the soothing notes of a Macintosh startup or the energetic clattering of a Telex. Introduce your kids to those treasured memories from your past. Enlist a co-worker in a game of "guess the sound". Play several sounds at once and create a musical composition.



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    1. I'm glad someone thought of it!

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  3. There are probably many lost sounds that I would prefer remain lost. However, nostalgia does funny things to perception, and we end up missing things which, at the time, we hated. Often, this is because of their familiarity and their links to things that we remember with fondness.

    Keith Channing A-Zing from

    1. You've hit the nail on the head. It's part of the package of memories that we carry - and it's really cool when these things are preserved so that they can be assed down to future generations.

  4. This archive could go a long way to explain to younger generations why Gen Xers like me hate printers and desktop printing so, so much. I remember in teacher's college getting up at 6am to print the lesson plans I'd finished at midnight, because to print them when they were done would wake up my landlady downstairs.