Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The #AtoZChallenge - More Topics You Could Use

Time is ticking away!

The A to Z Challenge is coming up in April.  While some choose to write as they go, those with other projects or time constraints often start writing posts ahead of time. So I thought I'd offer a few suggestions for anyone casting about for ideas. ( For my list last year, go here. )

26 different:
  1. Food additives, what they are and what they do. (Bonus: letter X is taken care of with xylitol.)
  2. Brands of beer. (Start doing your research drinking now. Oh, and you might have to brew your own for X.)
  3. Riots throughout history.
  4. Cool internet sites
  5. DIY projects that really are do it yourself.  Most of us can't weld.
  6. Automobiles (anyone remember the Yugo?)
  7. Worst covers of great songs 
  8. Haunted places
  9. Places/cities (real or fictional) featured in songs, movies and/or TV shows
  10. Things that people collect (Bob Gibbins has the world’s largest collection of "silicone companions".)
  11. Unsolved mysteries or crimes
  12. Cool things from a bygone era (inventions, fashions, foods, artwork, etc.)
  13. Celebs who shouldn't be celebs (careful - you don't want Beliebers or Directioners hunting you down)
  14. Environmental disasters
  15. Foods from countries around the world
  16. Strange/unusual place names 
  17. Games throughout history
  18. Sayings or catch words that make your toes curl (selfie? twerking? amazeballs? Wow. Just. Wow.)
  19. Movies which never had a prequel or sequel - but should have
  20. Parks and wildlife reserves around the world
  21. Theme/amusement park rides
  22. Unusual flavors of ice cream, potato chips or other snack foods that shouldn't taste like fish or squirrel
  23. Free things to do in your city, town or region
  24. Faith based posts Share your knowledge of world religions, saints, theological terms, holy sites
  25. Citizen science sites (bonus:  Z is taken care with Zooniverse)
  26. Alien races from sci-fi books/shows (Star Trek alone gives you Q, Vulcan and Xindi)
  27. Periodic elements (you can include the new element Ununpentium. Just make something up for Z)
  28. Math stuff from Abscissa to Quantity, from Venn diagram to Zero, math has got it covered.
  29. Scholarships help students find tons of cash to finance college. From Asparagus Club scholarship to Tall Clubs International to Jay-Z's Scholarship (real name: Shawn Carter).

So, those are just a few suggestions to get your A to Z creative ideas flowing.  No, no, don't thank me.  Just remember that my last name starts with V, if you're stuck for a post. :-)

If you choose (and commit) to one of the above ideas, maybe you could note it in the comment section below to let others know.

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  1. That's an excellent list! Mind if I share it tomorrow?

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  3. Any list of Worst Song Covers must include William Shatner's "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".

  4. Didn't even know about that one! Maybe you should choose that topic :-)

  5. What an excellent list. I might be referring friends here who are searching for ideas. =)

  6. Great list! I've already started on my posts, as they take a bit of research.

    1. Sounds good - posts that take research are generally in my areas of interest. Looking forward to reading.

  7. Great list! I'm doing a paranormal/supernatural type theme for my posts. I'm going to use 8. Haunted Places in my theme as well because it just seems to fit right in. :)

    1. Very cool! In fact, when I did a little digging I found some interesting "haunted" places right in my hometown area. Good luck.

  8. Some good brainstorming here. After last year's world-building post, I'm not sure what I'd follow up with. I ought to have some free time in April, though, which makes me want to play.

    Wouldn't bother with things like "People who don't deserve fame." Maybe something to do with canons? Influential writers? Something more specific than that...

  9. I love your ideas re: topics. Food additives and their effects is a pretty cool idea. :)

  10. Wow. That is an awesome list of topics. I'm not taking part this year, but if I were I'd have to do the worst cover songs!

  11. This is a really great list! Thanks for sharing.