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  • "Haiku",Washington Post 12/2000
  • "Wonderland", Lancaster Sunday News, I Know A Story 8/2003
  • "Perfect Tree of Memories", Lancaster Sunday News, I Know A Story 12/2005
  • Various Sketches, Child's Guide To Lancaster County Coloring Book 4/2009 Link
  • Assorted articles for Associated Content 2009-2010 
  • "The Library", Lancaster Sunday News, I Know A Story  11/2010   link
  • "Pen Pal", Paragraph Planet (online) 4/25/2011 
  • "Forget the Derby", Lancaster Sunday News, I Know A Story 5/2011   link
  • "Found", Rammenas (online) winner of the hint fiction contest 6/2011
  • 5 Haiku, Black Dahlia (online) 6/2011 
  • "Archaeology", Seedpod Publishing (online) 6/2011
  • "Love You To Pieces", Rammenas (online) 6/2011  
  • "Depository", Paraxis 02 (online) 7/2011 link
  • "Origins Of the Jack O' Lantern", 9/2011
  • "Sounding the Alarm", 5x5 Fiction (online) Issue 4 Smoke 01/2012
  • "Final Performance", FlashFlood (online) 5/2012 link 
  • "It Was A Very Goodyear", Lancaster Sunday News, I Know A Story 8/2012link 
  • "The Seeds That Are Sown", Tuesday Serial Volume 2  2012 
  • "Cowboy From Queens",  World Reader in conjunction with ReadWave requested the use of this story as part of its literacy program to provide free stories in digital format for children in developing countries. 6/2013
  • "Stilled Life With Movie", Cinesprit Magazine 9/2013 link 
  • "Cinema On the Spectrum", Cinesprit Magazine 9/2013 link 
  • "Visit To the Little Red House", Lancaster Sunday News, I Know A Story 12/15/2013 
  • "Requiem", Paragraph Planet (online) 2/24/2014 

  • "Visible Signs", included in the anthology After Dark. Published by Ethics Trading, Oct 31, 2011.   
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    • "Little Red Riding Hoodie" a modern twist on an old fairytale, included in the anthology Pen 10 Compendium. Published by Alpha Sutra Press, Feb 8, 2012.
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    •  "The Book Of Angels" , a 55 word flash included in the anthology Love In Creativity Project. Published by Bluebell Books, June 16, 2012.

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