Updated information, winners, polls, and future projects can now be found at Welcome To Renaissance , a new blog page dedicated to the Rule Of Three (REN3) blogfest/writing project. The 2011 contest is now closed, but we hope to do it again in May 2012.  Please follow the Welcome to Renaissance blog site for continuing info and updates on the writing project.

The Rule Of Three Blogfest and the shared world of Renaissance is copyrighted.


Welcome to Renaissance.

Participating writers create stories based in Renaissance.. There must be THREE main characters; we have supplied the world and will supply weekly prompts. Once a week the blogfest writers will add a chapter of their tale - focusing on ONE main character at a time  - for three weeks. The fourth week brings the conclusion of the tale, whatever that might be.

ANY genre or style. ANY time period.

The original  October 2011 announcement, guidelines, prize information and complete details can be found here or by visiting any of the host blogs. I encourage you to visit the other blogs, and to join us as a writer and/or follow/comment/support us as a reader.

General Rules: October 2011
Maximum word count each post is 600. You may use less.
You must choose at least one prompt per week from the choices we give you.
You must have 3 main characters. Each week, choose a different one to highlight. Your week 4 story will tie everything together. You may, of course, have secondary characters.
Include your choice of prompt and word count with your posted story each week.
One entry per person/link. If 2 or more people write for the same blog, you still may only post one REN3 entry.
The story must take place in Renaissance and its environs. You may incorporate/mention other places, but your story should be primarily about Renaissance.
You may not publish your stories elsewhere unless specific references to the shared world of Renaissance are removed.  Please respect our intellectual property rights.

For more complete info, click on the blue link above to go to the formal announcement page. You may also contact me on Twitter ( @ficflash)  or by email via my Google profile, or by leaving a comment which includes a link to you.

                                                        Additional Links To Hosts and Interviews

Welcome to the Shared World/Town of Renaissance and the Rule of Three Writers Blog Fest. Created with fiction writers in mind, October 2011 will see a month long blog fest/hop. My fellow hosts are Damyanti Biswas at Amloki , Stuart Nager at Tale Spinning and   J.C.Martin, Fighter Writer.

Our badge was created by artist Portia.

Comprehensive interviews of the hosts can be found at Born Storyteller

Individual links to interviews are:  http://wp.me/p1jCKo-bD    Portia's interview

http://wp.me/p1mecg-cN Damyanti's interview

http://wp.me/p1mecg-cI Lisa's interview

http://wp.me/p1mecg-cY JC's interview

Stuart's Interview

Complete prize info is available on the red link above connecting to the announcement page.
Information on the ebooks offered as prizes can be found on my "Featured Authors Page".

October 2011 Winners

First Prize:       read entry #8     Corinne O'Flynn
Second Prize:       read entry #26     My First Book  

    Third Prize:     read entry #31     Living in Switzerland

Honourable Mention
read entry #45     The Golden Eagle 
read entry #17     An Eclectic Muse
read entry #43     Colleen's Write Brain 

Longlist Finalists
                                                             #16     David Powers King 
                                                             #20     Kwee Writings 
                                                             #49     Welcome to the Nightmare Saloon 
#68     Hugo van Zijl #66     ZC