Monday, September 26, 2011

Calling Down the Rain - Magpie Tales - Poetry

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Calling Down the Rain

for every tear you caused to well
a thousand biting drops shall fall
although your ears grew deaf to me
the wrathful skies will heed my call

your every lie which rent my heart
and hatefully brilliant bolts of pain
I've carefully tallied; quake with fear
for I am calling down the rain

what might have been we'll never know
I wash away your face, your name
it's much too late for sorry now
for I am calling down the rain


  1. Wish i am a musician to make a melody to this. I just love every line in this poem...


  2. Wow I love rhyming poetry and this is a beautiful example of it :) Wonderful job and I am voting for you!

    (My entry is #113)

  3. Sorry for the second comment but what entry # are you?

  4. Hi Jess! Thank you, but it's part of the Magpie Tales - (under the picture is a link). There are only 70 links (I'm 69) so, you must be talking about some other prompt or contest? The Write Campaign maybe?

    @Alex - yep, exactly. A little vengeance too - washing away the source of the pain :-)

    @JJ - a real compliment. I wish so too :-) Thank you.

  5. very nicely penned...nice end rhymes create a nice beat...i like the last stanza...if only we could wash away certain faces...

  6. Wow, I love the poem! :) So great! It gave me chills - especially since it's stormy and raining outside. :)

  7. Oooh...these sound like the lyrics to a song. You have a great hook going, too.

  8. I'd hate to be the guy on the receiving end of this.

  9. Haunting words to go with haunting art. I enjoyed reading this.

  10. This is beautifully sad....a sweet revenge nevertheless.

  11. Wonderful poem, it left me with some what shall I do with these emotions? Hmmm...write a poem. I loved it!

  12. Brilliant. Even though I do make attempts to write poetry, I don't always like to read poetry. Yeah, we're friends, but this one I wanted to re-read, and THAT, my Li, is a big compliment from me.


    Thanks for turning me onto this prompt.

  13. @Brian - I seldom rhyme things, I feel like it always sounds trite, so thank you. And re: washing away faces - it would be nice, wouldn't it?

    @Bethany - high praise, thank you :-)

    @Alleged - unfortunately, I haven't a shred of musical talent. I'm open to signing away the rights though, for a small cut. ;-)

    @Stephen - I somehow doubt you'd deserve it. But, beware a woman scorned...

    @MPax - thank you. The first time I looked at the picture, I got...nothing. Then I tossed it someone's way and as I took a second look I wondered if I could do something with it after all.

    @Reka - true. I don't get the feeling that she's taking any pleasure in her revenge. I believe that she will drown as well.

    @Leah - yay! Run with it. If I gave you the nudge, then one of my goals in writing is fulfilled.

    @Thank you, Stu :-) I accept your compliment and look forward to reading your piece as well.

  14. Nicely done! I love how you matched the poem with the image. :-)

  15. I can relate to this poem... simply beautiful. I agree that this would make an awesome song.

  16. It totally reminds me of an Evanescence song. Even the picture reminds me of Amy Lee. Good show! :D

  17. Lovely write...I like the notion of washing away a face and a name...

  18. Perfect union of image and poetry.

  19. a wonderful combination of words here

  20. I agree. You should think about finding music for it.

  21. @Misha - thank you :-)
    @Dana @Zade - I wish I had the musical talent. I don't. Love Evanescence, BTW!!!

    Tess - now I'm reminded of the "Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair" jingle. ;-)

    Milo - thank you :-)

    Jo - Thanks. haven't visited you in a while, hope to catch up today.

    Copyboy - if you know of someone, send 'em my way!

    Isabel - yeah, he'll be sorry. Of course, so will she.

  22. I can already hear the chords that go with this perfectly. Sure you're not a songwriter? :)

  23. Rexcrisanto - honestly, the thought of writing song lyrics never crossed my mind!

    Anna - thank you, glad you liked it :-)