Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A SLAP On the Shoulder

So the results are in; I have a superior labral anterior/posterior tear with adhesion encapsulation. Yay. Anything superior must be good.

It's a tear which hasn't healed in the shoulder. Inflammation and reluctance to use the arm caused the entire shoulder structure to shrink/adhere, freezing it in place like a rusty machine part.

Prognosis: the tear will be given 6 weeks to heal on its own. If it doesn't, surgery. In the meantime, Prednisone (a steroid) to knock out inflammation and targeted physical therapy to stretch/break up the adhesions. Yes, it's painful. And frustrating. But it's not life-threatening, so I won't wring my hands over it.

I want to thank all of you for the messages, prayers, wishes, healing vibes and warm thoughts sent my way. I appreciate them more than you know.

In those long, dark hours before dawn it helps to know that all of you are out there, somewhere. And that somebody cares. :))

Y'all are the best.   



  1. I have shoulder problems......have never had it diagnosed as to what the cause is but do have shots every 6 months or so which leaves me oain free. I have asked to see a consultant but to no avail.
    Hope your problem clears soon.
    Take care.

  2. Li, if you do something, do something really well. Superior, eh? Wear it proudly, claim it as a reward for writing in your superior style, hold your head up in a superior way, small children will get out of your way as you walk with superiority down the street, and the birds will poop on other cars, knowing that the human driving THAT ONE (yours) is superior in every way.

    Also...chocolate helps.

    Sending good thoughts, as always.

  3. Sorry about your shoulder! Hope the drugs don't make you cranky. I don't do well on Prednisone.

  4. "Anything superior must be good" =] Sounds like a positive prognosis, though!

  5. The longer the name, the worse the ailment! Hopefully you will fight through the physio and things will get back to normal. As the British say " stiff upper lip" (Read shoulder).

  6. You are right not to wring your hands over it, might cause more shoulder damage.

  7. Oh good! I'm glad it was superior news!!! Groan. Sorry.

  8. oo sounds painful - hope you make a speedy recovery

  9. Ouch. Hope you heal up quick.

  10. Oh dear, hope you get better soon!

  11. Of course you couldn't tear anything inferior. That'd be beneath you. So sorry for your pain. I'll put a prater for you now, and I hope the treatment ahead isn't too arduous or distracting.

  12. @John - I knew you had a heart beneath that ascerbic exterior. The pain pills could prove the ultimate distraction. :)

    @Stu - Thx. As for the birds, I'd swear a crow gave me the middle feather one day as he bombed my car. Thx, my friend.

    @copyboy - groan, indeed. but I enjoyed your Dirty Taco post the other day immensely. *Grins*

    @Alex - you mean because it causes crankiness, bloating, mood swings and trouble sleeping? Every man should have to take prednisone at least once in his life: it's what PMS is like!!

    @Yvonne - I'm sorry to hear it's an ongoing problem and you can't get it properly resolved. At least the shots keep you pain free. It's amazing what a nuisance such things as dressing and washing one's hair can be when you have shoulder probs.

    @Milo - yes, one way or another it seems "fixable", which is always good news.

    @Ian - it's true about the scientific/medical names, although it also makes for an impressive excuse to get out of something. ("I'd like to attend your toddler's preschool graduation ceremony, but unfortunately I am suffering from ..." sounds better than "No thanks, my arm hurts.")

    @Tony - I suppose I shouldn't just "shrug it off" either? Oh, the wit exhibited here today...

    @David, MPax, Jessica - thank you! All good thoughts are warmly welcomed and appreciated!

  13. Well, that is a relief, sort of. I can tell you from experience, "DO the stretching" exercises. Painful but it will do wonders.

    More healing thoughts. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  14. @Jules - yes, I have been doing them. Cursing the whole time, but doing them. Glad to know they will help, sometimes it seems like something that hurts so badly can't possibly be doing any good. Thx, I feel better. :)

  15. And lots more healing vibes from me, definitely without a slap on the shoulder! ♥

  16. So glad to hear that everything is okay. Will pray for healing on it's own, so you won't have to endure surgery.
    You have been missed! Glad you're back, my bloggy buddy! :)

  17. Glad to hear it'a all fixable, and hopefully on its own. You are missed and thought of even more!!!! Hay this might make a great story! Take care!

  18. Glad to hear it's got a name and that they can treat it - hope it's not too too painful.