Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just For Fun - Guess the Fairy Tale

 Just for fun...can you guess the fairy tales alluded to in each stanza?

It is right that we should tell stories,
and learn from the wisdom of yore;
to avoid being robbed by a blonde girl,
be certain to lock your front door.

Do not make a deal with the reaper,
for reason or logic or jest;
though you may get away with it one time,
you cannot forever trick death.

You might have a bag full of cunning,
and self-serving exploits to tell,
yet a well thought out plan or escape route
might serve you equally well.

Once married, a fellow should quiet,
neither offer to help, nor complain,
for the spinner will not take heed kindly,
any efforts to help are in vain. 

 Have you guessed any of the fairy tales?   I'll post the answers sometime Sunday. Not much to go on
 in each stanza, but then it's meant to be a challenge!


  1. First one has to be goldilocks. :) And are we just going with muggle fairytales here, because that second one reminds me of the deathly hallows.

  2. @Alex - good guess, especially since blonde locks are a clue.

    @Bethany - Too soon to reveal answers! The last 3 are lesser known Grimm tales. (Although I suppose the Deathly Hallows do indeed fit.)

    Additional clues:
    #1 involves burglary & property destruction:-)
    #2 features Death and a physician
    #3 is the tale of 2 animals
    #4 is reel silly

  3. Phew! You have my brains in a knot with these...

  4. My guesses: I love fairy tales...they say so much more than meets the ear..

    1. Goldilocks
    2. Godfather Death
    3. Mr. Fox
    4. The Lazy Spinner

  5. @mish - well, a little brain exercise never hurts. (Unless you get a headache - let's hope not.)

    @Stephanie - nice to see you here! Thanks for stopping by. I can't reveal the answers/winners till tomorrow, but you've obviously done some homework :-)

  6. OK...first I'd say "Goldilocks" for the first one; the others.hhhmmmm....

    you got me on this one, Li. Good!!! Can't wait for Sunday.

  7. I only could guess goldilocks...
    Not so familiar with the Grimms.

  8. A challenge indeed...I can only guess the first as Goldilocks and the last as the Lazy Spinning Woman (because I recently happened to read about it while surfing through Wikipedia)...need to go back to my fairy tales again. Tsk, Tsk 'The Shame'.
    Wishing you a happy and successful New Year.

  9. Congrats Stephanie B for getting all of them correct!

    and to those who guessed Goldilocks correctly.

    I was doing a little research for another project and was really surprised at the number of Grimm tales I had never heard of. I hope to read them all by this summer.

    Thanks for playing!!!!

  10. I was going to say Goldilocks, too; the others I've never heard of before!

    Great post. :)

  11. That was fun! I'm too late to guess, but I only would have gotten Goldilocks, anyway. I was thinking Brer Rabbit for the bragging/escape plan one until you hinted it involved two animals, not three. I read the original Grimm's a few years back, but they must not have stuck.

  12. I can't say about the other, but the first stanza is just right.

  13. I know the answers now because I just read Stephanie B.'s answer, and you said she got them all right! lol! The only one I guessed, and I was wrong, was the last one...I thought it was Rapunzel, because of the spinning. I'm not too up on my fairytales! Great test though Li!

  14. Hi Eve thanks for stopping! If I do another one, I guess I should wait 3 or 4 days before revealing the answers :-))

  15. Number 1 - goldilocks... but other than that I am stuck !

  16. I did not guess one! So I read the comments to get the answers. I have really forgotten fairy tales. This was a great brain teaser and your stanzas were awesome! Great job!

  17. I got the first one, but none beyond that. How cool!

  18. I got the first one! But after that I am uncertain. I may come back tomorrow, when I can think more clearly! :) Maybe then I will get them....maybe! :) Good challenge!! I love it.