Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Small Doses, After Dark Excerpts

Some tidbits from a collection of flash fiction Small Doses: Flash Fiction In A Medical Vein. This was originally published by Trestle Press;  I requested that it be withdrawn from sale on Feb 1 2012.                Why I'm Pulling My Book  
Since these stories will now be considered "previously published", I suspect that they will not find a home elsewhere.  They may appear as future posts here at the Flash Fiction blog.

From "May I Have Your Attention, Please?"

She has cancer.”

The words were delivered with the same undercurrent of excitement and thinly veiled odium as news of a teen pregnancy in high school.......

.......I'd spent hours on the phone with her, listening to diatribes mixed with gusts of weeping, wishing that the telephone had never been invented and that I'd never given in to my soft heart. Lately, I'd been eating lunch in my car so as to avoid any extended conversations and had my phone number changed.

From "The Hand Of Anarchy"

Women began to avoid him, as he'd often pinch their bottoms or run his left hand up their skirts while engaging them in benign conversation. The odd thing, of course, was that Joe protested mightily each time that he'd not done it purposely; the hand had “a mind of its own”, and try as he would he couldn't seem to stop its antics.

From "Insomnia" 

He fought with it all night, lying quivering in the twisted sweat-sodden sheets. He tried another; that one left him awake but feeling  paralyzed, hovering a few inches off the bed in suspended animation. Here and there, he slept for an hour, then wept when he opened his eyes to realize that most of the night stretched out before him.

The volume also includes Change of Heart, Game Of Life, Gifts, and others. If there's enough interest, I might start working on a second volume.

Available from Amazon

From the paranormal anthology After Dark , published by Ethics Trading:  an excerpt from my story "Visible Signs"
His eyes fell on a pimply youth sitting on a stoop, smoking and frantically tapping on some electronic gadget.

“Bum one?” he asked, drawing closer. The boy looked up.
 “Sure,” he said, glancing sourly at Paul and drawing one from behind his ear. “You look like you need it more than me. Although my girlfriend just ditched me for some douche.”

It was all that Paul could do to stifle a scream.  A gaping wound had bloomed on the boy's chest, opening and exposing the beating organ. 

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  1. Intriguing... perhaps a bit bewildering... and frustrating in those cases where I'm left thinking, "No, don't stop there. More please."

    I'd say you accomplished your goal quite well!

  2. Thanks Doug! I'll let you know when the book's available so you can satisfy your curiosity. ;-)

  3. Ooooo....I can't wait for this!!! Nice tidbits to perk interest, Li.

  4. Thank you Stu :-) My RSS feed is finally updating as well, you'll be happy to know!

  5. And those are all yours? How wonderful, Lisa!

  6. Yeah, all mine :-)) Thanks for stopping by, Alex!

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  8. oo what a treat...enticing glipses into your publications....