Monday, April 25, 2011

Unwilling To Post Trash - A to Z Challenge

I wrote something last night which seemed pretty good. Then I woke up this morning and realized it was awful. Reminds me of some old country song where the guy is in a bar, he spots a girl who's a "5", by closing time she's a "10", and the next morning he wakes up to discover she's maybe a "2". I woke up to discover my beautiful girl was bald and missing a few front teeth. I've gone over it, re-written it, and it ain't gonna fly. So, here are a couple of my Unusual (not really) pics to distract you (hopefully). Besides, I'm still on holiday. Oh, and by the way, if you haven't already read the flash "Pen Pal" here, a version is available to read on Paragraph Planet here. (Featured Monday, April 25.)   (If you're reading this after that date, you'll have to look me up on their site.)

In the heyday of barn advertising (1900-1940) Mail Pouch ads could be seen all over the eastern part of the US. The ads were officially discontinued around 1992, although a few owners still maintain them for themselves. This one was recently repainted in Pennsylvania. I believe a few are listed as historic landmarks.


Look how close you can get to Niagara Falls!
 (My family hates to travel with me for just this reason.)

Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth
Vintage postcard
(I just thought I'd throw this one in as a nod to the upcoming Royal Wedding)
All photos copyright 2011 Lisa Vooght. Except for the postcard. Which doesn't credit the photo. But if the Royal Family wishes to drop me a line.......


  1. I have the same unwilling stance on trash. And I wouldn't travel with you either :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. Wonderful post loved the pictures especially the Royal one. Here's one who hope to watch the wedding on TV on Friday,


  3. To me, if I find interesting stories about how the night progresses as the level of demand goes down, that happens with certain people, more than we imagine. I think that's where one can draw many conclusions about the human factor and society.

  4. 5 - 10 - 2 -- yikes! Your 75-word story is great, Lisa, and so are the photos; glad you posted them.

  5. Love the pics Li - I'd travel with you, that looks like fun :) How noisy was it there?

  6. Love the post Li. Your writing is fun and authentic! I have gone back and read my older posts and really wondered if I had even read them before posting (I know I had but really!)

    The barn is great. I am originally from Ohio and grew up reading faded sides of barns everywhere I went. So glad to see people are repainting the ads. Spent time in Pennsylvania & upstate NY too and at Niagara Falls. I'll travel with you any day!

  7. Oh, forgot to mention I am a little selfishly glad your story didn't pan out for today so I got to see these great photos. Thanks again.

  8. That photo of the Niagara River looks quite tumultuous. The image of the barn ad too sends a warm feeling.